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Becoming a Member

At King Concierge Services, we have memberships for those busy people who need more personal assistance than others. For those of you who live in New York City, our King Memberships are a great way to have your regular monthly tasks managed and completed successfully. We take over many of the responsibilities in life and give you time back. Our Monthly Membership and VIP Membership do not include event and entertainment assistance services.


Monthly Membership 

Let us take care of your monthly errands. Our Monthly Membership package is available for $199 and includes four hours of concierge services that are completed virtually from our offices (approximately 16 requests) as well as four hours of errand services that require us to be in the field. Any unused hours are forfeited on the last day of the month.

VIP Membership

During the course of a month VIP Members are given eight hours of errand services and eight hours of concierge services. During the eight hours of concierge services we are able to complete an average of 32 requests from our offices. Our VIP Members pay $399 a month and any unused hours are forfeited on the last day of the month.